Do You Suffer from Weak, Brittle, Split, Or Peeling Nails?

If you have weak, brittle nails that split and peel and that nail polish just won’t stay on or chip within hours of you painting them – what do you do?

Well, let’s get the science bit out of the way first – nails, hair and skin contain the same protein – keratin. Most of the keratin you come into contact with is dead and forms the outer layer of your skin, hair and nails. If you experience weak, brittle, split or peeling nails what you are suffering from is excess drying of the external layer of keratin.

split nail

A Split Nail

It is well known that when you get split ends with dry hair you use a good quality hair conditioner to improve the look and feel. You do this every time you wash your hair. So probably without realising it you’re providing a continual moisturising treatment to the keratin in your hair.

It’s exactly the same with your nails. They too need a conditioner, but of a different type – the best moisturiser for your nails is cuticle oil. This is absorbed more quickly than conditioner on your hair and doesn’t need to be washed off.

Oiling your nails on a daily basis will feed the growth area of the nail (down at the cuticle) and will help deter splitting and flaking by its moisturising effect.
Hands are in water so much each and every day that to avoid weak, brittle, split or peeling nails it’s very important to ensure that they do not dry out. Can you imagine washing your hair twice a day and not conditioning it? Your hair would be very dry, dull and lifeless.

If your nails are inherently weak oiling them won’t make them strong but it will make them more flexible and less like to chip and break.

Cuticle oil (Solar Oil is excellent) can be used whether you keep your nails natural or if you wear varnish. Solar Oil penetrates in and around the cuticle area. Not only will it feed the new growth of your nails but it will also keep the skin around your cuticles soft and less tempting to chew or to cause painful hang-nails.

Maintaining healthy nails is very inexpensive. A bottle of cuticle oil costing, say £10, applied on a daily basis will last about 10 weeks. That works out to about 15p per day – hardly a king’s ransom for healthy attractive nails!

Your hands are on show all the time, whether meeting people, paying for items in the supermarket, restaurants, clubs or when holding a cup or glass. Just think how much nicer it is to see clear even nails, soft skin than raw skin with dry chewed areas.

Your hands and nails are often the first contact you have with someone and are an instant giveaway on how much care you take of yourself and your appearance.

Just think that with one daily application of Solar Oil you can offer your hand with complete confidence. For more information on cuticle oil click here.

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