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gel nails milton keynes salonWith over 15 years experience we offer Gel Nails, Acrylics, Manicures, Pedicures and Spray Tans, 150 Gel Colours and over 400 polish colours.
Escape from the day to day stresses and relax while taking in the  countryside views on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, whilst you enjoy your luxury hand and feet treatments.

Beautiful Nails by Barbara offers a premium service in nail treatments and spray tanning. We are based in a secluded rural location and we offer a relaxing and discreet environment. We provide an inviting and personal service, we are your friends and that is exactly how we like it. With over 15 years experience in nail care Barbara will help you decide how to make your nails look the way you want them to you. With a choice of over 300 colours and in excess of 100 designs you won’t be limited for choice.

Gel Nails Milton Keynes

We offer an unrivaled choice in  colours in shellac nails and gel nails Milton Keynes. With over 70 colours to select from you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. And we’re always adding as new colours become available.

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Gel nails historically have been called nail extensions created using a hard gel and dried under either a UV or LED lamp. In recent years however the name is more commonly used when referring to the application of a gel nail polish – topical descriptions being 7 Day Manicure or 14 Day manicure.

However the name equally applies to both treatments. The original gel nails were of the type using a product known as “hard gel”. This product, when cured under the lamp allows an extension of the natural nail to be created. Using this method a hard, strong artificial extension of the nail is made. This is especially useful for customers whose own nails are not particularly strong. Even with the best care these nails would break before a long natural nails could be achieved.

Much more popularly used these days is a “soft gel”. This product can not be used to extend the length of the natural nail. The “soft gel” is in fact the combination of a gel hardener and nail polish and is used to provide a stronger covering to the natural nail than can be achieved using normal nail polish. When you see “gel nails” being advertised it is usually describing the “soft gel” treatment. While not as resilient as the “hard gel” it generally gives a good 14 days protection to the finish.

Another lesser appreciated (one not many nail technicians will tell you about) is that between treatments you can apply and remove standard nail polishes to your gel nails with any hazard to the gel nails underneath. Always seek out a well trained experienced professional technician for your treatments. This will ensure that your nails are properly prepared and that no harm will come to your nails. Properly applied, the “soft gel” treatment will give your nails a strong, high gloss finish that should last for up to fourteen days.

The “hard gel” treatment is frequently confused with acrylic nails which is a quite different process. With the “hard gel” treatment it is the gel itself that creates the nail extension whereas with acrylic nails the product used is a liquid monomer and a polymer powder.

Whichever treatment you select the product used is some type of gel whether it is in a pot or combined with a nail polish in a bottle. The common feature in all gel treatments is that the gel has to be hardened or “cured” under an ultra violet (UV) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp. So how does it work? Contained in the gel are “photo initiators”. When they’re exposed to either UV or LED light it starts of a reaction in the gel. During this process some of the molecule groups join together to make long chains. These chains then bond together and this is how the gel becomes hard and resistant to chipping and peeling.

In the case of “hard gel” nail extensions there is sometimes a sticky layer left on the top of the extension. This can be easily removed by nail pad soaked in alcohol. When using gel nail polish, after the curing process is complete you are left with a bright hard shiny surface.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails not allow you truly enhance your natural nails but also protect your own nails help them grow. At Nails by Barbara we have over 15 years experience in acrylic nails. As the majority of people cannot grow long nails, acrylic tips allow you to have the nails you’ve always dreamed of and nail art to die for!



Choose from Mini, Classic, French or Warm Wax Manicures.


Choose from Mini, Classic, French or Warm Wax Pedicures.

Spray Tans

In our tanning salon we only use brand leading St Tropez spray tanning products. Only the best is good enough for our clients. Barbara has been working St Tropez products for over 10 years and while she regularly tests other products she has yet to find anything to better it. But the most important person in our studio is you, our client and all our energies are devoted to giving you the best possible treatment while you relax and enjoy the experience. So relax and look out over our rural landscape while Barbara pampers you… Don’t forget, we’ve ample free parking next to the studio. So for gel nails Milton Keynes or acrylic nails Milton Keynes look no further than nails by barbara Nail salons: gel nails Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard area, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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Spray Tan Milton Keynes

Spray Tan Milton Keynes

As the premier location for spray tan Milton Keynes Nails by Barbara we offer the best service and use only the highest quality products to ensure that your spray tan experience is exactly what you are looking for.

spray tan milton keynes at Nails by BarbaraThe popularity of spray tanning has increased dramatically over recent years. Advances in technology and research have resulted in sophisticated high quality products and long gone are the days when your skin turned an “orange” colour.

When you have a spray tan at Nails by Barbara not only will come away with a sun-kissed look that is friendly to your skin but you will avoid the disadvantages of over exposure to the sun or UV rays in the case of sunbeds.

The Best Quality Spray Tan Milton Keynes

In our salon you’ll enjoy a top quality spray tan based on our 10 years plus experience in spray tanning. When you choose Nails by Barbara you’re choosing the best spray tan Milton Keynes that you can find. Your spray tan will hand applied (no booths here!) and your whole visit should take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Additionally we offer a wide range of products for both pre and after care to allowyou to get the most out of your tan.

st tropez spray tan milton keynesSt Tropez is the longest established spray tan on the UK market and is still the favourite of many celebrities and industry professionals. Promoted by Kate Moss and loved by celebrities such as Abby Clancy and Kim Kardashian, St Tropez still out performs its imitators. St Tropez Tan is only trusted by so many celebrities because it delivers results time and time again.

Preparation And After Care For Your St Tropez Spray Tan

What Is A Fake Tan?

A fake tan is a sugar substance applied to the skin that reacts with the skins amino acids to create a colour.The ingredient that activates this colour is DEHYDROXYACETONE (DHA) and it is the tanning agent used in all tanning lotions.It works on the surface layer of the skin. DHA is derived from fructose, a natural dehydroxide which is used in most good tans on the market.
St Tropez has the maximum percentage of DHA which is why it produces such a desirable colour. DHA colours the skin a brown shade giving a natural sun tanned appearance.St Tropez formula contains a hint of green mixed with DHA to prevent the tan from ever developing an orange tinge.
Skin chemistry is unique from person to person and even area to area on the same body which is why different results and colours will occur.St Tropez is a one strength tan which means it will only develop to a maximum strength. It is impossible to put too much product on the skin. Any excess product is a waste.
St Tropez is the best on the market and delivers a deep long lasting tan.St Tropez body moisturiser also contains L-TYROSINE which is a tan accelerator.Moisturising is important and exfoliating before a tan is essential for the skin to be as smooth as possible to give the lotion an even clean surface to act on.

Why Choose A St Tropez Spray Tan At Nails by Barbara.

spray tan milton keynes salonCombining this with the reputation we have gained over 10 years you can feel safe in trusting Nails by Barbara to give you than you’re looking for. In our salon we use the most up to date products and techniques to ensure that you’ll leave us with a fantastic tan.

In our private tanning studio your tan will benefit from Barbara’s years of experience as she personally crafts the perfect tan for you. Prior to having your first tan, the treatment will be carefully explained to you and the after care regime to maximise your tan. Having a spray tan is great way to give your self a confidence lift and to really enhance your appearance.

By choosing to have a St Tropez Spray Tan Milton Keynes at Nails by Barbara We advise clients to bring loose clothing and flip flops to wear after their treatment as tight clothing will rob off the tan before it has a chance to develop. Located in a secluded rural location, we offer complete privacy with ample free parking right next to the salon.

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For a spray tan Milton Keynes at Nails by Barbara call us on 01525 261220 to make your booking or email us Offers on Nails

Spray Tan Milton Keynes