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A warm and friendly welcome awaits you in Barbara’s comfortable studio just outside Milton Keynes…..

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gel nails milton keynes salonEscape from the day to day stresses and relax while taking in the  countryside views on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, whilst you enjoy your luxury hand and feet treatments.

Beautiful Nails by Barbara offers a premium service in nail treatments and spray tanning. We are based in a secluded rural location and we offer a relaxing and discreet environment. We provide an inviting and personal service, we are your friends and that is exactly how we like it. With over 15 years experience in nail care Barbara will help you decide how to make your nails look the way you want them to you. With a choice of over 300 colours and in excess of 100 designs you won’t be limited for choice.

Gel Nails Milton Keynes

We offer an unrivaled choice in  colours in shellac nails and gel nails Milton Keynes. With over 70 colours to select from you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. And we’re always adding as new colours become available.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails not allow you truly enhance your natural nails but also protect your own nails help them grow. At Nails by Barbara we have over 15 years experience in acrylic nails. As the majority of people cannot grow long nails, acrylic tips allow you to have the nails you’ve always dreamed of and nail art to die for!


Choose from Mini, Classic, French or Warm Wax Manicures.


Choose from Mini, Classic, French or Warm Wax Pedicures.

Spray Tans

In our tanning salon we only use brand leading St Tropez spray tanning products. Only the best is good enough for our clients. Barbara has been working St Tropez products for over 10 years and while she regularly tests other products she has yet to find anything to better it. But the most important person in our studio is you, our client and all our energies are devoted to giving you the best possible treatment while you relax and enjoy the experience. So relax and look out over our rural landscape while Barbara pampers you… Don’t forget, we’ve ample free parking next to the studio. So for gel nails Milton Keynes or acrylic nails Milton Keynes look no further than nails by barbara Nail salons: gel nails Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard area, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Stop Nail Biting

Let Me Help You Stop Nail Biting!

I have been helping nail biters for many years to overcome this nervous habit. At the outset I will tell you that there is no “overnight” cure to stop nail biting.
However if you have the will to try and stop, and are prepared to commit to two months of treatment you have a great chance of breaking the habit.

Do you want ugly bitten nails to be a thing of the past?  Make it your New Year Resolution.

I can help you, like I’ve helped many others, by turning your bitten nails into something you’ll be proud to show your friends.

You will leave my salon with a set of nails that you’ve always dreamed of.

Just imagine how proud you will feel when you put your hands on the table (not underneath the table) and everyone admires your beautiful nails.

Fiction? It doesn’t need to be and it can be you!

 biters before and after

How can you achieve this?

Step 1. Sign up for my “Stop Nail Biting!” course

Step 2. Call me on 01525 261220 to book your first treatment

Step 3. Following your first treatment you will have further treatments every 2 weeks for 2 months

Normally I would charge approximately £140.00 for this course but to give you additional encouragement to stiffen your New Year resolution I will make this one time offer of £120.00, £105.00 £95.00

Fed up with being ashamed of your hands?

Want to stop this embarrassing habit?

Want to shake hands with confidence?

Take your first step today to stop nail biting and start my course of treatment.

This is the perfect time of year to make the decision to change the appearance of your handsYou may have tried before but the difference is this time you’ll have me to help you!Make the commitment to change your life today and look forward to a life with hands you’re proud to show off.The choices you’ll have are endless – you can have beautiful plain or french nails that your friends will think are your own.Or you can make a real style statement with your hands and amaze all your friends


This is a real opportunity for you to overcome your nail biting habit.

This really works – read below!

I first visited Barbara on 15th April 2013. My nails were very bitten and I truly did not expect anything could be done until they’d grown a bit. On the contrary, when I left that day – I left smiling! Barbara managed to attach tips to my chewed fingers with acrylic over the top. I had nails!
I visited regularly and used Bio Oil for the skin around my nails and Solar Oil on my nails as recommended.
No temptation to bite them, and added confidence having them.
On 15th June I went to get my nails done. I left without tips – just acrylic over my own nails which were now as long as the tips I’d been having.
The salon is is a lovely location, no hustle and bustle and plenty of parking. A relaxing experience every time.
I only wish I had taken photos. If you are trying to stop biting your nails or just want to enhance your natural nails, go and see Barbara.
Frances Symons, Milton Keynes



It’s really up to you. You can continue biting your nails and feeling desperately unhappy about it or you do something about it NOW! To Stop Nail Biting

I look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on the way to hands you’ll be proud of.





Barbara Prentice

If you want more information about me or my course please contact me

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Stop Nail Biting